Becoming a Social Leader

Social media has changed the way people connect and learn. The transformation of how information is shared among the masses has grown with such speed that ideas, knowledge, and experiences can easily spread and reach a large audience. This power to share through the various social media resources available needs leaders that can wisely control information and use it to further enact change.

Social media is a progressive technology that will continue to adapt and grow. But in order for this to happen successfully there must be leaders that will actively play part in the destiny of these social tools.

You can become a social leader. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what experiences you have had, what your gender or race is. The power of social media is in diverse groups who have different ideas. The key is to make your own mark in the social world. You can do so and you don’t have to be famous or even a politician! Please don’t start a politically based thread below this article or I might go crazy.

Now a leader can come in any shape and size. You can be a leader in creating new content that is free and accessible to others. This free content in turns will help others to learn and grow their own talents. You can be a leader in driving online results and providing answers to others so they can successfully do the same thing. You can be a leader by calling others to take initiative and make positive life changes today. The point is there are several ways to lead.

If you are trying to build a brand or a social community you are putting yourself into a leadership role in which you can make an impact in the lives of those that you connect with.

As a social leader there are certain attributes that will help you be success and to successful share your message through social media marketing:

1st – Integrity

Why is integrity important to your fan page or social presence? It’s important because this is what will drive people to you who will trust what you have to share. But how can you show your integrity online if you never meet someone face to face. There can be several ways of doing this. You can avoid stealing content or ideas from others without giving them any credit. You can be honest with any financial dealings you might have with your customers and refrain from shady or unwise practices. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT! Don’t hesitate or create an atmosphere that your word is meaningless.

2nd – Customer Service

If there are conflicts, frustration, or questions quickly resolve them. Be prompt to jump to action in making changes that can leave a positive customer experience. Further if you get any feedback, good or bad, learn from it and try to improve. Each individual customer is worth there weight in gold and deserve respect and support at all times. If you willing provide world class customer service you will gain loyal customers.

3rd – Actively Involved

Become the expert in your field. As an expert you should be actively involved with your community in creating events, posts, and content that will accelerate your community growth. Don’t stop as just an active leader in your community but seek other  communities where you can share your insight and expertise. The more action you take the greater the results will be.

4th – Innovative

Always think of what the next big thing will be. Don’t be hesitant to change and accept change with open arms. Usual innovation requires time, money, and TIME! I said time twice just to drive the point across clearly. Any innovation requires work to take your message from point A to point B. The most successful leaders in social media are constantly working and learning so they can adapt and provide cutting edge content and resources to their community. Constantly work to push upward because if you don’t you will stay stagnant and your audience will leave.

5th – Diligent

Now diligence brings me back to the idea that once you have mastered one of the before mentioned attributes you need to go to the drawing bored and plan on how you can become even better. Diligence in my mind means a never ending progression of studying, pondering, and than taking action. Social leaders push for excellence. A social leader must be diligent to spread their message and through their diligence they will be rewarded for their efforts.

Social leaders can be found all over the internet and you can become one of them. Don’t just think that you are wanting to create social content to sell a product but imagine you how can become a social leader in your perspective market.

How Do You Socially Connect?

Let’s say you just got comfortable. You are sitting in front of your monitor or other technical gadget and pull up your fan page. You do a quick scan through to see what’s new and than you just stop and stare. A thought quickly comes to your mind, “what can I do today?” This thought can quickly disappear as you think of some other great project to work on. While you work on the next great thing your fan page begins to decay and lose the luster it once had.

If you are trying to build a reputable online presence than you need to sit back and think of how you socially connect?

Is your idea of socially connecting creating a fan or group page and letting it grow itself? If so than the community you want create will never happen

Do you think posting once a week, month, or maybe longer will be attractive to your market? I would have to say NO!

Now let’s say you do a little more than the before mentioned points. You create your account and post frequently; however, are you only self promoting yourself or do you really look for opportunities to provide a social experience. In my personal experience I will usually engage with a comment or page if I feel like it truly wants to know what I think. Why would I ever waste my time promoting anything that doesn’t care about me and is only trying to push its advertisements on me.

Now I am not trying to scare you into thinking that you can never promote your services but there is a time and place for that. I will get into that in a later post. Right now I want you to understand that your biggest opportunity of social media is to do exactly what it was meant for…Socializing.

Alright, so now really dig deep and think of how you socially connect:

1. Are you posting frequently throughout the week?

I would say post everyday but if you are posting nonsense scale back and post quality over quantity. Start posting 2-3 times a week and truly think about what you are share. Spend time to make it meaningful and than share it. Once you get in the habit of sharing quality content try to post a few extra times each week. Push yourself to excellence but make sure that every post is meaningful and that every post is social.

2. Are you responding to others questions and statements within 24 hours?

When you view your page and notice a comment or two you need to instantly respond. Don’t just stare at it and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Getting someone to comment is great but making a lasting connection is absolutely critical. Let every person know that you are want them to return and comment again and again. The quicker and better you are at responding to others the more comfortable they will feel visiting your page.

3. How do your posts socially connect?

Try to focus on what your community wants. Focus on their needs, questions, and interests. Learn how to make personal and fun messages that can tie into the content of your page. The idea is to be innovative and customer oriented. Remember that any post you share should be short and concise but be attractive to catch ones attention. You can do this but simply inviting others to share their feelings and thoughts through the types of questions that are asked.

Great questions should be more than a simple yes or no response. Questions need to be open ended to allow others the chance for creative responses.

In the end you need to look at yourself and ask how you are really socially connecting. The effort you put into your work will reflect the care you have for your page. The greater the effort the better you will do at socially connecting with the masses.

What do you do to socially connect with your market?

The New World of Searching!

The society that we all live in today is a society driven by instant results. We are the generation of instant gratification. Everyone wants to find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of seconds when it comes to the internet. People want answers and want them now. I remember in my younger grade school years when teachers would direct their class to do research in a library…yeah a lot has changed since that time. There is still lots of information that can be found in books, don’t get me wrong, but now that same information is easily accessible online or in electronic formats that can be easily purchased.

Searching For Someone You Trust

But even the way people search for information online has changed. What I want to share is how searching for products or services has drastically changed due to social media and reviews. Now a days people want to buy from resources that they trust and resources that others have trusted. They want to make decisions based on quality reviews from other consumers or from the social interaction that the business does with its customers. These consumers are searching for strong moral and serviceable businesses that they can build a relationship with. Many searches are made based on a business or product’s approval ratings. As everything has become more socially connected online it is more important than ever to build your image. Many consumers can be instantly turned off with bad reviews and may never search for your business again.

Visual Search

The other aspect of searching that has changed dramatically is the visual search. This isn’t done through Google or other search engine’s image search. These visual searches are done quickly through social sites like Pinterest but can also include on a lesser scale Facebook, Google+, Reddit, etc. People relax on their computers and scan these social sites to view what new images will draw their attention. A great deal of advertising can be done subtly by creating images that grab the attention of viewers as they search for something fresh. People in general spend a lot of time online connect with people, images, an services socially and if an attractive image catches their eye they will feel a greater need to visit the source of that image and may potentially do business. An image can have a lot of power to create new business. That is so much effort is made by large corporations to make images that will drive further brand awareness among the typical consumer.

in essence the way that people in general search for anything has changed to many different platforms. People will continue to use search engines but the influence of these new search options has changed the marketing world. Now we have tools to complete searches using social sites (which is just scanning your news feed), image searches (looking at images on Pinterest or social sites), and searches based on reviews from others. By learning how to build a business model that strives to development strong relationships with is customer base, creates fascinating/shareable images, and extends its reach into social sites you will create more opportunities to be found by others in need of your services. The world of search has changed a lot in the last few years and will continue to do so. Be flexible with change and prepared to find innovative ways to promote yourself through all of these search methods.

Pinterest’s Viral Potential – Part 3

So you think Pinterest is just a site for women to share recipes and new craft ideas…WELL THINK AGAIN! The opportunities to go viral and generate new referral sources to your business is right at your fingertips. Many businesses are trying to tap into Pinterest but are taking a slightly different approach than the ‘Spam Ads’ that you see on the Facebook side bar, you know the ones I am talking about. A typical, plain old ad can entice a few people to click to your page and maybe if your lucky spend some money while there; however, if you want to go viral and reach massive numbers you need to appeal more to their emotions.

Nowadays the consumer is paying more money for products or services that satisfy their emotions. But there is a slight catch, when you go to Pinterest it is rare to see a typical ad that attempts to instantly make a sale. The game of advertising has changed where going viral is key and that is accomplished by creating a strong emotional attachment with your audience. So how can you create an image that is attractive enough to go viral by appealing to the emotions of your audience?

When you decide to create an image for your blog, website, fan page, or whatever take into consideration how it makes you feel. When you look at the image do you think, ‘It’s a work in progress’ or do you look at it and say, ‘WOW, I just created a masterpiece!’ There is a big difference.

Now go to Pinterest and see what is trending under the ‘Popular’ tab. What visual statements are being shared by these images and what is sooooo attractive to their audience? Are these images just plain and simple, does it POP and grab your attention, is there any text and if so does the text have an image for a background or just a plain background? Most of the popular images you see aren’t trying to force a sales pitch down your throat. The general online consumer has learned to put blinders on when an image blatantly states it is an advertisement. Once again this comes back to creating images that strike an individual’s emotions. These ‘Popular’ images on Pinterest are going viral because of the appeal and you can create that same appeal.

Massive amounts of new visitors are finding sites/blogs that they have never heard of before because of a pin that caught their attention on Pinterest. Images can easily catch the attention of your audience and create the virality that will make you stand out. In the upcoming posts specific ideas will be shared on what you can do to make your images WOW others who see them.

If you have any ideas that have helped you to attract an audience to your page feel free to share with everyone else by commenting. Share what types of images on Pinterest are attractive to you and why.

When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade!!!

My life, like many others, has been full of lemons.  I have seen lemons come in many forms.  Sometimes I have dealt with some incredibly large lemons while at other times they are less daunting.  In each occasion a choice had to be made pertaining to this simple question, “Will I let these lemons dominate my life and steer me away from my personal growth and achievement?”  I have decided that when lemons come I will simply make lemonade.

So let me apply this to you as your attempting to grow your social media reach or expand your online presence.  When building a fan base there will always be barriers in the form of metaphorical lemons that will try to stop you from succeeding.  These minor road blocks can come in the form of stagnant growth, personal time management, little fan interaction, poor content, etc.  What you can’t do is let these issues slow you down.  It is time to pick yourself up and move forward.  Nothing good comes from not taking action.  You must grab these lemons by the hands and squeeze and turn them into delicious lemonade.  Be aware that in pursing this course of excellence it will require more hard work than you have yet put forth.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Success = Overcoming the Lemons

Success has never come from doing nothing or giving up.  Yes there might be a whole lot on your plate at the moment with big changes in your personal life; however, if your deepest desire is to do something you are passionate about it is time to take that big step forward.

Let me be the first to tell you that these lemons won’t stop coming.  They always seem to creep up when you least expect it but the good thing is they can make you stronger.  Every time a difficult situation is overcome you become just a little more wiser, a little more creative, and a little more courageous in the work you accomplish.  Think of your current challenge with your online business and how that is impeding you from achieving your personal goals.  What about this challenge is stopping you?  Now to overcome this ‘lemon’ you must gain deeper insight.  Study what others have done to achieve success and make a game plan of things that you can personally alter to turn your online business in the right direction.

Be comforted in knowing that many who are successful now have had to deal with problems similar to yours but instead of backing down and throwing in the towel they did everything they possibly could to turn their online business around.

You can succeed! Keep this simple concept in mind and it will be easier for you to overcome current and future challenges.  Always know, ‘When life throws you lemons, you can make lemonade!’

Find Your Niche – Part 2

The definition of a niche is “relating to or aimed at a small specialized group or market (” A niche can help to leave your mark on Pinterest.  Pinterest is a fantastic social media resource and it will be a great marketing tool when you decide what your objective is as a business or individual.  That is the entire point of this article is to help you find your marketing niche and how it will align to your goals and aspirations.

When you are trying to find your own niche think as a consumer for a minute.  Why do you follow or like some fan pages or individuals over others?  Is it their unique style, the consistency of images shared, or the quality of the pins?  When someone chooses to follow a Pinner it’s because of one of these three reasons:

1 – Personal Relationship

A relationship has already been developed between you and the individual or brand.  This relationship was founded on trust and quality.  Because of this connection there is a strong bond of loyalty that can only be strained if that trust is broken or quality disappears.  Otherwise this loyalty will not waiver and will promote any content shared by the source.

2 – Similar Interests

Many users on Pinterest follow others with similar interests.  They go beyond their comfort zone of friends and family and tend to follow individuals that pin about topics, products, or ideas that they themselves enjoy.


Those that have the greatest number of followers will always fall under this last category.  They are the ‘Pinner Gurus.’  Their Pinterest fan page is dedicated to one niche or topic.  They focus exclusively on this topic in all of their boards that are created and in the pins that are shared.  They want to stand out from the pack and will refrain from diversifying into markets that don’t directly affect their area of expertise.

Pinterest users are attracted to these ‘Pinner Gurus’ because of the love for their field of expertise and the quality of pins that are shared.  These users want a direct source that will give them something absolutely stunning just for them.  When creating your niche or area of expertise you must become the ‘Pinner Guru!’  To have a Pinterest niche that demonstrates your knowledge for your preferred field will draw the right audinece that you seek to promote your brand.

When creating this niche reflect on these questions and carefully make changes as needed to suit your followers needs:

Are the Pinterest page and boards focused on one market?

Do I frequently pin unique and ‘dazzling’ pins that I have personally created or found?

Is a form of pinning consistency established to meet the demands of my audience?

Do I only pin quality visuals that will strengthen follower trust?

Will this pin entice new followers?

How does this pin differentiate myself from other pinners?

When answering these above questions they will be a guide that will assist you in determining what your niche should be and how to set it up.  When deciding on your niche you must always, I mean ALWAYS remain focused in one area.  Specialize in that area and find ways to stand apart from others to attract the right audience to your Pinterest page.

If a Pinterest page is create around a topic in a saturated market there is still plenty of opportunity to create a niche.  Find one topic in that field that can cater to a specific audience.  For example,  there are countless pages created about food but many of these pages use the shotgun approach and talk about many different types of food rather than focusing on one subject.  What if you made boards dedicated to something much more specific like ‘Foods with Strawberries in them.’  This niche is still in a highly active market but it has created a new focus that will open the doors to a wave of individuals who are interested in foods made with strawberries.

Use these concepts in any board that is created to leave your signature mark.  Set yourself apart from the competition and make your page the one to come to when seeking to learn more about that one area of expertise.  Decide right now how you can create a Pinterest page that will market your skills and brand to the right audience.

The Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is an excellent social site that continues to grow in popularity and in marketing opportunities.  Pinterest can become another great social marketing tool in your endeavors of creating a bigger brand following.  As most of you know, Pinterest’s expertise is sharing visual content with friends and others who have similar interests.  Users of this social page can create boards based on interests.  These boards can in turn be made into another self promotion page.  Obviously there needs to be

The Pinterest Strategy

some forethought as to what is shared to avoid coming off as Spam to potential viewers.  To be successful, you need to put together  a ‘Pinterest Strategy.’

When you set a goal, you must create a strategy.  A strategy has to have more than just an action step, but also a beginning step to evaluate what must be done to achieve your objective. Strategies require a personal understanding of the effort that will be required  to complete a goal.  A ‘Pinterest Strategy’ requires a complete understanding of your market, their needs, and how to fulfill those needs.  Once the strategy is implemented you will see the ‘Mark’ you have left by the reactions of your viewers.

Powerful Pinterest Series

Over the course of the next few weeks a series of articles will be created focusing on the many great tools that Pinterest offers and how these can be used to your benefit as you market your businesses.  It is my intention to help you learn how to properly implement these lessons into your current business.  Although these lessons primarily focus on an international audience there are many applicable ideas and activities that can be used for even small local businesses.

The following topics are all key to the success of social marketing using Pinterest.  Once more this series will teach and focus exclusively on how to market your business, products, and site to a larger audience using this social platform.

Find Your Niche

Pinterest’s Viral Potential

Why Do People Engage with Boards?

Top Trending Pinterest Topics

Touch the Pinner’s Emotions: Questions, Statements, & Quotes

Capture Attention: Powerful Visuals

Mix It Up: Integrate Words & Visuals

DIY: Do It Yourself

Leaving a Breadcrumb Trail

Making Pins Profitable

There is a lot of excitement surrounding Pinterest Marketing and for good reason.  The growth of traffic to other blogs, sites, and fan pages, has grown exponentially due to Pinterest referrals.  When a brand wisely creates a marketing strategy they can have the same success others are currently enjoying.  Throughout this small series that will be shared, you will gain a greater interest in Pinterest and understand how to use the tools to your benefit.  Enjoy what will be shared and be quick to apply your personal ‘Pinterest Strategy’ as you review every lesson that is taught.


Creating a successful fan page can seem like a very daunting task.  It is the type of feeling you might get when starting your New Year’s resolutions to work out, eat healthier, read more books, pick up a new hobby, travel somewhere etc.  At first you are really excited to get it going and have all the confidence in the world that you will be successful in your endeavors but somewhere in all of this excitement you lose your steam.  The energy you once had is gone as reality begins to set it.  Thoughts of despair and being unfit to manage a fan page fill your mind.  This negativity can drastically hinder you not only with progress in something that interests you but potentially becoming very successful at something you are good at.

DON”T ALLOW YOURSELF TO FAIL!  Its really quite simple.  You have all the skills and talents needed to accomplish what you want if you put 110% into it.  What I want to share are simple tips that will help to motivate you at all times.  Remember these tips and if you have to tape them on your mirror, refrigerator, wherever to remind yourself that you can do it.  Don’t take a backseat any longer with your fan page but start working to knock that page out of the ball park.

Step 1 – Diligence

One of the most repeated steps in the whole world when it comes to making large personal changes.  The reason you come across it so often may be due to the fact that there are very few individuals that strive to be diligent in every aspect when working to create something unique for their viewers.

Diligence needs to be learned through practical application as often as possible.  That may mean creating a schedule to follow for creating and sharing content on your fan page, composing images, videos or eye catching posts that will attract attention, or conversing with your audience.  Followers of any page want to see some form of consistency and acknowledgement to know that this page is more than an advertising billboard but a true fan page that tries to touch its followers.

Step 2 – Dedication

Now dedication in my mind is truly becoming involved with your fan page.  Make your fan page a large part of your life and something you enjoy to do.  How can you dedicate your precious time to fan page optimization when you don’t like the topic you are discussing or the constant updating that is needed to keep the page active?

How to Dominate Your Social Page

Think of what you dedicate most of your daily time and efforts towards.  You may come up with a list of things that need to be done such as: cleaning your house, taking care of the lawn, running errands, working, eating, sleeping, etc.  These are a few examples of basic things that are done to maintain order in your life to a certain degree.  Now add items that you enjoy doing and are more for fun to the list such as: hobbies, sports, outdoor activities, movies, family time, etc.  Now on the other hand these activities are much more enjoyable and bring greater happiness when you are truly dedicating yourself to them.  When creating a fan page are you doing something that is routine or are you sharing your excitement for the content of the page with others who visit and follow you?  How and why you dedicate time to a fan page will show to any audience and will grow your page.

Step 3 – Delight

Every time a new comment is posted or content is shared, do you think about how it will delight your fans?  A fan page must delight it’s fans.  They want to be be satisfied with every visit that is made.  They come expecting to be treated first class and they should!  They are your valued customer.  Before any post is made you need to reflect on these simple questions:

1.  Is this post informative?

2.  Does it benefit my viewers in some way?

3.  Is this post social and viral?

4.  How can I get greater interaction?

To delight an audience requires a fun and informative environment that can suit their needs.

Step 4 – Dive In

An effective way to have a successful fan page will be to dive in head first.  Don’t slowly wade into the cold water thinking it will warm up sooner or later.  Just dive in and begin your journey.  Slowly attempting to make changes and improvements to your fan page will only keep you in the shallow end of the water.  You can’t lose out in the rich opportunities available if you just dive in sooner.  Mistakes will happen and poor content may be posted but luckily, you can change and adapt.  Keep educating yourself about proper social marketing and your page’s area of expertise so that you can give your very best.  Success is only created after a trail of mistakes has been left behind.

Step 5 – Dazzle

The last step is about the dazzle of the page.  Your page needs to draw your audience and make them desire more after they have visited.  Incorporate the lights and excitement of Las Vegas into your page or the breathtaking views of the Hawaiian Islands.  Followers can feel a similar draw to your page when a dazzling experience is shared.

You will have to go out of the norm if you really want to dazzle others.  Learn from others in your field but don’t follow every move they make as the style of page you create will be what entices others to return again and again.  By differentiating yourself, you will market your fan page to the audience that you deserve for a successful page.  The largest draw of new and continuing followers is that personal dazzle.  Find your own style.

Follow “The 5 D’s of Fan Page Dominance” and you will be well on your way to creating a social experience that is out of this world.


Facebook Marketing Is Dead, and Pinterest is King

The picture below sums up this post fairly nicely.  In the last 60 days, Pinterest has sent 237,806 people to my website, while Facebook has only sent 61,141 people.  If you aren’t much of a math whiz, then I’ll break it down and say that Pinterest performed nearly four times better than Facebook.

Pinterest is king!
Pinterest is king!

While the numbers from this case study are impressive on their own, they even more significant when you look deeper into this example.  On this same website, I have a following of 35,000 fans who I constantly send to the website by linking to new articles.  In contrast, I only have about 5,000 fans on Pinterest.  The lesson to be learned?  Pinterest is the king of traffic.

Wouldn’t this look GREAT on your Pinterest boards?

Why I’m so disenchanted with Facebook

I spend a significant chunk of my day managing my Facebook Fan Page to engage with customers and fans, and to write compelling status updates to drive engagement.  Yet, despite this attention, Facebook only allows about 30% of my fans to see the status updates that I post.

In 2009, Facebook implemented Edge Rank, an algorithm it uses to determine which status updates are the most important to a user, and only shows the most relevant content.  Facebook determines the most relevant content by how often a user engages with a person or a page.  Therefore, if your users don’t click “like” or “share” or “comment” on your posts, they will eventually be kept from seeing your status updates in their newsfeeds.

This is precisely why Facebook is dead to marketers.  We work and scrap and fight to get people to like our Facebook fan pages.  Then, after we have done the work, they crop out 70% or more of our audience and prevent us from sending messages to that user even though the user has INTENTIONALLY liked our page to see our content.

This has always bothered me from a marketing perspective, but then Facebook pushed me over the edge two weeks ago when it rolled out Promoted Posts to all Facebook Fan Pages.  This allows a fan page owner to pay Facebook to show their status updates to their Fans who have already liked the page.   This means that not only do I have to push my customers to Facebook only to have 70% of them cut off from my status updates, but now I can pay Facebook for the privilege of contacting the people I already worked hard to earn?

But that wasn’t all that made me sick of Facebook…

Just for the sake of argument, I paid $20 or so to do a promoted post.  I posted a status update that I thought would drive maximum engagement, and then sent it out to the world and continually refreshed the page–anxious to see the results.  After the 3 day promotion period ended… that post did not reach even 1% more of my followers than my normal posts do.

Facebook is dead, and Pinterest is king.

But Pinterest Isn’t for Everyone

I don’t pretend that Pinterest is any kind of social media panacea, even though it has produced incredible results for my business.  Pinterest works for me because it is a highly visual social network.  In fact, it is so visual that it is impossible to write a text-only status updates.  The entire platform works by publishing pictures–and my website is in the photography niche.

Still, it is rare that any of my photography is shared on Pinterest.  The way that we have generated such a tremendous following on Pinterest is by encouraging our users to share our articles on Pinterest.

Also, my website advertises to people across the entire world.  If you are marketing a local business, it will not be beneficial to you to cast such a broad net since Pinterest does not have the capacity of Facebook to target users in a specific geographic area.

4 Weaknesses that Stunt Fan Page Growth & How to Overcome Them

I wanted to write about a topic that is rarely discussed concerning fan pages yet is a huge problem for both small and large organizations.  There is a point that we all reach, unless your some popular teen movie/book, where fan page growth seems to slow down and may begin to decrease.  The content and services you are providing may be fairly good, but your growth has hit a wall. Without any personal change there more be further issues with the fan page as people comment less and or stop returning to your page.  This will lead to a feeling of devastation and complete disorder as you try to figure out what you need to do to overcome this barrier and build a superior fan page community that can thrive socially while promoting your services or brand.

These issues usually come about because the of lack or overuse of one of these four character attributes which are: Ambition, Patience, Procrastination, and Consistency.  Simple as they might sound each and every attributes has a great deal of strength that can help or hinder anyone struggling with their pages growth and community out reach.  Let me explain to you how.

1st – Fan Page Ambition

What I mean by ambition is what you really want your fan page to be.  Do you want a simple fan page like the millions of other pages out there with just a few followers and little to no community involvement or do you want something spectacular that can truly be a social experience where individuals can share their stories, ask questions, and feel like they are a part of something important?  So many pages are created and the bare minimum is put to work on the page.  What happens from there is a lack of ambition.  There is a desire to achieve greatness but a lack to do so.  Goals aren’t made and no time is taken to think outside of the box to make your page stand out.  A decision needs to be made if you truly want your page to grow into that social community that so few achieve or if you want it to stay stagnant due to the little activity, work, and planning you put into it.  True, successful fan pages require your dedication to succeed.  This shouldn’t take away from the excitement or fun of building one but there is more to it than simply doing small routine posts.  So decide now to take action and achieve those fan page ambitions.

2nd – Patience to Press On

Fan Page Growth

How many of you can raise your hands and say that you have great patience?  If you do, I applaud you but I know there are many who lack patience.  Patience is one of the most critical attributes needed to build a page.  You need to have patience and understand that a page won’t simply grow into something great but will rather take a great deal of time.  To make a simple analogy lets think about planting a small seed.  You want that seed to grow into what you envision it to become yet it won’t change overnight.  You must nourish this seed by giving it enough sun light, water, good soil, etc. for the seed to take root and grow.  The process of this growth can be veeeerrrryy slow.   It takes a lot of work and you have to be patient as it will require your constant help.  Once the plant reaches maturity you may think you are done but you aren’t.  There is still a need to take care of it for as long as you want the plant to thrive.  Now that we have a simple gardening tip lets jump back into social networks and how this all applies.  Pages take a great deal of patience and care.  You might not see the fruits of your work for some time.  That doesn’t mean that you should give up early on but rather work harder and continue to be patient.  Be patient with the plans you have and patient with the expectations of the page.  Be patient as you build a fantastic page and patient with your potential community.  You have the ability to reach these goals, so be patient.

3rd – Page Procrastination You Are Guilty of Doing

Procrastination is one of those attributes that stops many from fan page greatness.  Fan page managers put off working on original content, unique status updates, great visuals, and even responding to comments/questions from visitors to the page.  Why would you put off doing all these things when you know that they will only help your page!?!?!  Don’t think that tomorrow or next week you will start to work on it but rather get going right now.  Plan to write an article that you can share on the page, think of a fun status update that ties in with your subject matter, create a visual that people will want to share with others, etc.  Do something now!  Sometimes procrastination can be reading or studying too much about the subject while thinking eventually you will apply what you have learned to you page.  Take action immediately once a new concept or idea is learned and share that idea with your page.  Helpful tips that you have learned from your personal experiences are great ideas of topics that you can share on your fan page as others may find them useful.  Don’t procrastinate, take action!

4th – What does Consistency Mean to You?

The last and final step is to be consistent in page posts and responses.  You can’t expect people to come to your page when you post once a month or if you respond to questions every once in a while.  Make it a habit to be consistent with what you are doing and your pages community will have greater expectations as to what you will do on a frequent basis.  A little bit of consistency can make a visit to your page a much more enjoyable experience.  There is a quality of consistency that is also important to your visitors as the need to receive consistent content that is of value to them.  Think of what they would like to see and what might be important to them.  With valuable, consistent content your page will be a step closer to your personal goals.

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